Friday, August 1, 2008

Just Between Friends

I have to admit that blogging isn't something I ever felt I'd want to do. It's not that don't want to share tidbits with friends and readers, it's more along the lines that I can't imagine anyone wanting to read anything about me. Sure I sometimes do some exciting things, but otherwise, I'm pretty boring.

Favorite things to do include petting my cats - we have three...Calvin J. Whiskers, Safari, and Simon.  

Or walking with the dogs - we have two crazy collies. 

Or sitting and discussing historical events with my historian husband, Jim. We could talk for hours about Europe in the middle ages or the reasons why the P51 Mustang was the best fighter in WWII. But most of all, I write.

I love to write. It's a passion. It's a ministry for me first and foremost, and an exciting way to share my love for the Lord. So when I blog, you'll probably hear about things the Lord has done for me, writing experiences, research travel and any other tidbit that I might find fascinating. I'll share with you books and movies that I've enjoyed and keep you up-to-date on the books I'm writing.

But for now I have to go--Simon (our black and white cat grandson- he belonged to our daughter who upon leaving for Boston and Harvard, couldn't take her son with her) and our only female, part Siamese--Safari are having a heated political discussion in the hall.


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