Friday, November 28, 2008

Truly Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I'm truly thankful for all that God has given, and blessed beyond all that I can ask or imagine.

A few years ago my daughter Jennifer went to Uganda to be a missionary with Calvary Chapel Ministeries. The time she spent there was eye opening to our entire family. It also served to give us an extended family. We have informally adopted Jean Pierre, Albine and their 5 wonderful little girls (the youngest of whom was born just a couple of years ago and they named her after me.)

Knowing this family and their needs has opened our eyes to how blessed we are in America. This family lives in Burundi and has often shared their home with some of the orphans from the war torn country. While Burundi is currently at peace, Jean Pierre lost his father when he was murdered by guerillas, and his mother died several years ago to sickness. After we got to know him very well and had spent considerable time emailing and praying, Jean Pierre asked my husband and I to be his parents.

We have cherished this family and thank God for the opportunity to get to know a different culture and lifestyle. However, it is not an easy world to live in. The threat of war continues to haunt them, their economy is far worse than ours, and sickness abounds in the form of aids and malaria.

Still, throughout all of this, Jean Pierre writes me to say how blessed they are. He is a pastor now and has planted 9 different churches and they are growing. He's seeing people accept Jesus as Savior, and prays that by coming to the Lord and ridding themselves of superstitious religious practices, their country and people will be transformed. They are so thankful for what God has done, that even when they will sit down to a meal of nothing more than beans and rice, they are very grateful for what God has provided.

I'm humbled by my African son and his family. I look at the vast wealth around me and know that I am truly, most amazingly blessed. I praise God for such blessings, but most of all I praise Him for opening my eyes to see the needs and love of this little family in Africa.


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