Friday, April 10, 2009

Thinking of Spring and New Life

I'm thinking of spring and new life, but in Montana that really won't happen for another month - maybe two. We have a very short time of spring around here. When things finally do warm up it seems that everything just kind of blooms overnight.

While in Kansas I enjoyed the blooms of flowering redbud trees, as well as tulips and daffodils.

Many trees were starting to leaf out and the grass was slowly but surely greening up. The promise of new life was definitely in the air.

I remember as a girl growing up in Kansas that the spring was always a mixed blessing. It was a wondrous time when we were planting gardens and enjoying warmer days, but it was also tornado season. We had the yearly spring ritual of preparing the basement for the inevitable storm that would send us seeking protection.

Nevertheless, as Resurrection Sunday is nearly upon us and the celebration of new life in Jesus will send us to Easter Egg hunts, Passover Remembrances and a variety of other activities, I'm counting my blessings and thinking of spring. It's a wondrous time of year to be sure, and while I won't see trees leafing out or green lawns for just a little while longer, I can feel it in the air and know that it's coming. The antipation is almost overwhelming and makes me think of how all of creation is waiting and watching for the return of the King. Gives me the shivers to just imagine Jesus returning and all of the world being set right once again.

So I wish you a blessed week - a Good Friday of reflection and appreciation for what Jesus suffered on our account, a thoughtful and anticipation filled Saturday and a glorious Resurrection Sunday and new life in Him.


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