Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy Week

This week has been so busy. I can hardly believe it's Friday again, and not only that, but will someone tell me what happened to JULY? I'm sure I've misplaced mine. I cannot believe tomorrow is August 1st. What happened to 2009?

My mother said this is a sure sign of getting older. The days-weeks-months fly by. One minute you are a little child - the next minute you're having little children and then out of no where - little people are calling you Grandma or Nana in my case.

One minute your biggest financial concern is whether you can buy a house, the next it's whether or not you can afford to retire.

I remember wanting so much to wear my first pair of shoes with heels - any heel - any height at all. Then when I finally got to wear them, I chucked them out the window after a night on the town because they were so uncomfortable I swore I would never wear heels again. Yes, that is a confession of littering, but I swear I never did it again.

I remember when I was young and time seemed to move so infinitely slow that I thought I would surely die a tragic death before ever reaching 16. I remember thinking my 16th birthday would be something magical and wonderful - people would suddenly see that I was finally grown up. Folks would gather round to hear profound 16 year old wisdom, and beg me to write my memoirs. Hmmm, they never did.

Then I thought 18 would surely prove to the world once and for all that I had arrived, but alas folks still thought me a silly girl - despite all of the important information I had to share.

21 and 25 came and went and I was married with two children. 30 arrived and so did my last child. I remember planting trees in the front yard when my middle daughter was born and now they're over 70 ft. tall. I remember dropping my oldest daughter off at college and crying all the way home because she was 25 miles away.
Now she's 2,500 miles away and I would give most anything for a 25 mile separation.

I remember my son putting together intricate LEGO creations and proudly bringing them to me for approval, and now...well...he still does that, but he's much much bigger and here's his senior photo from last year to prove it.

Ah time. It drags when we don't want it to, and flees us like a robber when when want it to linger.


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