Friday, August 14, 2009

When I Look In His Face

This week has been a doozy, although looking at some of the problems others have faced, my trials don't seem nearly so hard. Although I was reminded of something my daughter once said. "Mom, the worst thing you have to go through is still the worst thing for you. Doesn't really matter if it's someone else's "worst".

She's right. So my pain and sorrows are equally painful, but through it all, I know that I need to keep taking it back to my Saviour. That's when I was reminded of yet another old hymn. I figure I'm on my "Old Hymn" kick. So I thought I'd share this one by Lizzie DeArmond.


Tho’ the road may be rough where He leads me,
Still His footprints I plainly can trace,
And the trials I meet with seem nothing,
When I look in my dear Savior’s face.


When I look in His face, His wonderful face,
In Heaven, that beautiful place!
All the hardships of earth will seem nothing,
When I look in my dear Savior’s face.

So I keep my eyes fixed upon Jesus,
While I’m running life’s wearisome race;
I’ll forget the hard pathway I traveled,
When I look in my dear Savior’s face.


Tho’ the shadows around me may gather,
Safe I rest in my Lord’s “secret place.”
For I know there’ll be glorious sunshine,
When I look in my dear Savior’s face.

* * * * * *
Lizzie DeArmond was Born: Ju?ly 23, 1847, Phil?a?del?phia, Penn?syl?van?ia and Died: Oc?to?ber 26, 1936, at her home in Swarth?more, Penn?syl?van?ia. She is very famous for writing a lot of Sunday School children's songs. I think one of the things that blessed me most about her was the following quote from her diary.

Un?der date of Jan?u?ary 1st, 1915, she writes, “Now in the light of the glad New Year, 1915, if an?y?thing I have writ?ten has helped to lift one soul above the cares and wor?ries of ever?y?day life, and brought it near?er to the great lov?ing heart of Je?sus, the joy is mine, but the glo?ry be?longs to God.”

Ah, Lizzie - that's is my heart as well.

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