Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting the Goods on Sitka

In researching for any book, I try to really apply myself to the historical details. Researching my series set in Sitka was no exception, and proved to be a lot of fun. There were many people in Sitka who provided information and were very helpful to my studies. Folks at the Sheldon Jackson Museum, Bob at the Sitka Historical Museum, Carole at the Alaska Ocean View B&B, to name just a few offered great insight.

I highly recommend a visit to the museums in Sitka if you get a chance to visit. I've included photos of some of the things they offer. The museums, though small, are full of wonderful pieces of history. Sitkans are very proud of their heritage and it shows. Here's a wonderful diorama of Sitka in 1867.


We had a wonderful walk in this ancient cemetery.

The skunk cabbage was in bloom in April.

As I walked in the forest, I was always brought back to a sense wonder and praise. God has created some very beautiful places in this world, and Sitka is definitely one of them.

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