Friday, October 2, 2009

Victoria, British Columbia

As promised, this week I'm sharing Victoria, British Columbia with you. This is a wonderful little island town to visit, and if you get chance to go there - do! It's a short trip by ferry to Victoria from Washington state or Vancouver ports.

There are some charming B&B's in Victoria - Prior House is among the best. Judith Miller, Cathy Hake and I stayed there and enjoyed this old house. Candice, the innkeeper was a delight and provided us with the finest care.

There is a wonderful castle house called Craigdarroch Castle. It just oozes historical wonders.

What a grand time we had exploring this place. Each time I go to Victoria, I try to go here and everytime I learn a little more I think how much fun it would be to use this setting for a series.

In downtown Victoria there's a charming German Restaurant called Rathskellar. The food is incredible. The Empress Hotel offers incredible teatime fun.

Of course there are wonderful gardens to visit in Victoria, as well as antique stores and an incredible park that overlooks the entire city and harbor.

Well, by now we're back in port in Seattle and headed home to Montana. I know I'll be ready to see my beloved Bridger range of mountains and my sweet little house, but I will be pining for Alaska and Victoria. What a blessing!


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