Friday, January 22, 2010

Some friends of mine

I'm in Georgia on a research trip, but I had to share with you some friends of mine.

We have 3 cats and all are very different and have decidedly different personalities. Jim, my husband, calls them our Rocky Mountain Feline Response Team. He says this is absolutely accurate because we live in the Rocky Mountains - they are felines and they respond to everything that goes on.

This week they have been on drills. Because of the extremely low temperatures and more time spent indoors - the cats have been a little on the crazed side of life. Jim said they were running Operation Arctic Cat.

The black cat is Safari - we think she might be demon possessed as she always has a bad cattitude. I can walk into the room and say "Meow" and she'll respond so I feel like we have a good communication thing going on. Otherwise she doesn't really talk to anyone except to yawl.

The buff tabby is Cal - short for California. No, we didn't name him. He was a "pre-owned" pet rescue cat. He was so laid back and easy-going that the people at the animal shelter said he was like an old Californian hippy. Cal is in charge of the Rocky Mountain Feline Response Team. He's a wise sage of a cat to be sure.

Last but not least is Simon. Now Simon is really our Grandcat - he belonged to our daughter but when she moved to Boston she couldn't have him. So Simon is living with us until his Meowmy can take him again. Simon is a big baby. He's a lovey dovey and I think he thinks I'm Jen, but can't quite figure out why I'm older and fatter. :D

My mother, who never allowed us to have cats in the house when I was a child, has bonded quite nicely to the cats. She even has a personalize tag on her car that says, "Grameow" and officially calls herself their Grandmother.

So there you have the entire team. They asked for us to get them a bunny for Christmas, but we told them no. They promised they would "take care of it" but I didn't like the way Safari grinned when she said it.

I miss them when I'm on the road.

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