Friday, September 3, 2010

Olympic National Park

I love national parks and Olympic National Park was no exception. We have been blessed to have wise forefathers who set aside land for national parks. If you get a chance to visit the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state, I highly recommend it. With Judy Miller, Cathy Hake and our dear friend Merrill DeGroot in tow, I found myself so very blessed by the beauty of Washington.

We didn't get a chance to travel all over the park on this trip, but we made a brief trip to Hurricane Ridge in the northern part of the park.

While there we were amazed by the flowers.

Indian Paintbrush and Fireweed dotted the sides of the road and the glorious variety of evergreens were everywhere.

We enjoyed the visit of a mother deer and her very photogenic fawn.

The company of good friends was such a blessing. I looked out at the landscape and my friends and felt that God had blessed me above and beyond all that I could ask or imagine. I wish I could have taken all of you with me.

Later that night we enjoyed beautiful views of Mount Rainier across Puget Sound.

When the moon rose in all its fullness, I couldn't resist capturing this picture of the ferry we would soon take back to Seattle.

It was an incredible trip and God blessed me in so many ways. Next week I'll share a wonderful little spot Merrill and I ran across on our way back to Montana.

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