Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Babies at My House

No, I'm not giving my hubby or mother a hard time. They aren't the babies at our house. The babies I'm talking about are our kitties. Since I'm traveling this week, I thought I'd just share a short and simple look at our house.
With our beloved collie gone, we have put off getting another dog until spring and the kitties are more than happy about this.
My husband Jim calls them his "cat team" or more officially his "Rocky Mountain Feline Response Team". Someone once challenged this title saying that they were cats and really couldn't respond, but as Jim put it - any response of any kind from them would indeed be a Feline Response, and hence the title stays.

We're down to two cats at present, but at times have had three. For a couple of years we took care of our grandkitty Simon (our daughter Jen's cat).

He's now living with his Meowme and happily enjoys being the focus of her life.

That leaves just

Cal or Calvin J Whiskers as he is formally called,


Safari who we worry might very well be demon possessed. Of course it could just be that she's 1/2 Siamese.

These two give us plenty of entertainment and hours and hours of love. They are good nappers too, and have definitely encouraged more naps at our house.

Come spring we hope to get a new puppy - possibly another collie, but for now the kitties rule and that's A-ok. They have earned a rest.

God Bless

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