Friday, May 3, 2013

Tell me what makes you smile and win!

As most of you know I just got back from a book tour in Minnesota.  I have to tell you that Minnesotans are some of the nicest folks I've met.  My hubby Jim and I had a great time and a lot of smiles.

In Montana we have a lot of these signs.  My husband Jim says that if he legally changes his name - this is it - GUSTY CROSSWINDS.  I think that sounds like a Country and Western singer and it always makes me smile.

And nothing makes me smile quite so much as a well-packed car.  Years of playing Tetras on the computer have paid off once again!
Quilts and libraries definitely make me smile and when you can combine the two together - wow!

And organization - always always makes me smile


As does our flag and the blessing of living free.
And who doesn't smile at power poles that look like kitty cats?
My biggest smile comes from home and family.


Mack with his summer shave.

Professor Mittens catching some sun
And of course my grandkids
So what makes you smile? Share your thoughts and get entered to win my "Make You Smile" gift basket.


  1. Hi Tracie!
    Some of my favorite smiles are when my 13 year old son does something thoughtful & heartfelt. Watching my 20 month old niece play, she is pure joy! Snuggling with my kitten, she is 12 weeks old! All white with blue eyes, can't hear at all-she brings endless smiles. And when I think of a new day with new grace...big smile! :)

  2. My children ages 1 and 4 make me smile and a big cup of great tasting coffee too!

  3. hmmm things that make me black lab laying in her swimming pool, taking off in an airplane, hearing a big motor start up, the first views of my favorite Lk Mi beach town, and of course seeing my kids experience new things.

  4. Hi Tracie,
    What a beautiful written blog! I love the pictures that go along with what makes you smile.

    Years ago I would have said a lot of different things that make me smile. But now, it's only my 4 year old son. We adopted him after 17 years of marriage and he has brought us so much love and joy!

    I cherish him every day and try not to take him for granted; you never know what tomorrow will bring. I want him to remember me as being a sweet mom that always smiles at him even when he does something that he shouldn't like this morning: running through the rain puddles when I told him to come in and he fell right in one!!

    Thank you Tracie for reminding me what makes me smile!

  5. Lately what makes me smile is a brand new grandson. After seeing the pain in my daughter's eyes of not getting pregnant for many years, then the adoption of a new born baby boy just last week, is all I will ever need to create a smile ever again. Family. Babies. Love!

  6. My Husband thought the words to Takin' Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive were:

    If it's a easy a STISSION you could be a musician.

    I asked, "What's Stission?"

    The actual word there is: FISHIN'

    We laughed all night : )

  7. My sweet family makes me smile, especially on a picnic in Fox Run Park.

  8. Watching my 5 year old son teaching his 4 year old sister.


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