Friday, October 4, 2013


As I told you last time, we were in Yellowstone National Park recently. Yellowstone was beautiful and man are we glad we went then instead of waiting until the president and congress shut it down.

We started out about 10 am and on our way down - this little fella ran right out in front of us.  It was quite the thrill.

We stayed overnight in West Yellowstone and did some outlet shopping for some neat sales. 

Sampled some fine cuisine at THE BRANCH one of our favorite restaurants there.  We sampled Elk, Bison and Pheasant sausage with huckleberry Dijon mustard.  Yum.

We headed into the part early in the morning before it was light and caught the moon and fog.  The fog burned off pretty quick and my hubby took some great photos of the sights and animals.


A nice female elk who posed for us.

The following caused me to break out in song of praise to God.  It was soooo awesome to worship God and praise Him for His creation.

Yellowstone Lake

I did find some nifty research books.  One I got was titled WOMEN IN WONDERLAND.  It's about life and legacies of women in Yellowstone.  I'll bet there's some good story material.  I also got information on the Old Faithful Inn.  It's so unique.  We've stayed there and it's wonderfully rustic, but with just enough modern conveniences that it's okay.  If you get a chance to stay there - I recommend it.  However, you'll have to book your stay way out.  I think they'll booked for like the next 18 months.

As we headed around the park, Jim caught sight of this little otter family coming out of the water.

Of course no trip to YNP would be complete without an up close and personal encounter with the bison.  Unfortunately bison and elk numbers are down due to the number of wolves being up.


All in all, it was a most satisfying trip and we were all very blessed.

And here's a blessing I can pass on to you. will have a special on one of my Kindle books.


9781441260963  Icecutter’s Daughter      Peterson, Tracie               2.99        10/05/2013 ONLY

So if you want a copy of this book for your Kindle - now's a good time to get at a super discount.

God Bless You!


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