Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New book and Contest giveaway!!!


I'm so excited to announce that I have a new co-written book with Kimberley Woodhouse.  Kim is the author of 3 other books - WELCOME HOME, and with daughter Kayla:  NO SAFE HAVEN and RACE AGAINST TIME.  People often ask me why I co-write from time to time and the initial reason is always the same - to introduce a new or new-to-you author and let you know that this is a great opportunity to connect.  Kind of an "If you like me and my books - you'll love her and her books" kind of thing.

Kim and I have been longtime friends and so a project together just seemed to fit us nicely.  Combine that friendship with Alaska and history and you have ALL THINGS HIDDEN.

The story is set in 1930's Alaska during the Great Depression.  During this time FDR sent 200 families north to Alaska (hum the song if you remember it) to resettle and start over.  The government funded the trip and the living.  They sent families from Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin because the powers that be figured those folks would know how to deal with the cold.

It was tent living at first and very difficult.  No matter the help of the government, there was still a lot of physical labor for each man, woman and child.  The Matanuska Valley (the one where they grow all of those giant vegetables) was the chosen site.

ALL THINGS HIDDEN has romance, intrigue, mystery and cultural history.  Kim and I did a great deal of research - visiting the location, reading up on it and even speaking with folks who could answer our long list of pesky questions.

The Extension Service at the University of Alaska even furnished us with wonderful handouts about sourdough making for our upcoming book tour in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Texas. (That's starting in February on the 7th - check the website events for information).

Here's link to the website where you can get your own copy of the sourdough pamphlet.

It's awesome.  I have to say I'd not made sourdough bread before, but now have experienced it and the family agreed it needs to happen on a regular basis. :)

Now for the exciting news.  Kim and I are having a contest to give away 4 special Alaska baskets.  Each basket will contain books from Kim and myself as well as our new combined story ALL THINGS HIDDEN, a nifty Alaska ornament, a book on sourdough and some other goodies. 

To enter - all you have to do is respond to this blog with your name and email so we can contact you if you're a winner.  You can comment and register until January 17, 2014. A drawing will be held on January 20th and we will immediately announce the winners.

Hope you enjoy the new book and please do us a favor and spread the word!
Happy New Year!

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