Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Living it up on book tour

So I'm living it up on book tour with Kimberley Woodhouse.  She even let me wear her Alaska bear slippers - but so far I haven't had a chance to drive the RV.

We in the heart of Dixie - where amazingly enough - we have just come under a major winter storm warning.  I'm not entirely sure if I should have left Montana.  Maybe I brought the cold with me.

Still, we've met some really great folks at some booksignings, while other events have been cancelled because of the snow and ice that's due in.

Here we are with Rachel McRae book buyer at Lifeway Bookstores. This particular Lifeway store was in Hendersonville, TN.   Rachel is so much fun.  We did a lot of laughing with her and Christine (the bookstore manager).

Here is the lovely Kayla Woodhouse - an extraordinary author in her own right.  Her little service dog Samson is seated on the couch - ever watchful.

Josh - her brother has been our major go-to guy.  He has loaded and unloaded our books and hooked up the RV at night and has in general just been a super neat guy to hang with. Here he is clowning around.  He's best controlled with bribes of Skittles.

And of course we wouldn't get anywhere without our fearless leader and driver of the Woodhouse RV (named Legolas) - Kimberley Woodhouse.  Note the contented look on her face. That's cause I'm such a joy to travel with....

So now we're sitting in an RV park hunkering down for the winter blast of Snowstorm Pax. We'd definitely appreciate prayers for us - but especially for the folks of Alabama and Georgia.  They aren't used to this kind of weather and have already suffered so much.
God Bless All Ya'll

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