Saturday, September 13, 2008

The blessing of time

Once again, I have to apologize for the delay in posting.

My grandaughter Rainy is very sick and it's consumed the family to be sure. Rainy was born with an inoperable cyst on her brain and has had a shunt placed in her brain since she was very small. Unfortunately, the shunt doesn't always work, and her various complications with the cyst are not at all textbook.

Thursday night she was rushed to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City and put into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. This morning they've announced they are doing emergency brain surgery for the 17th time on this beautiful little six year old. I covet your prayers.

What my relationship with this child has taught me is that life is a gift - a special blessing of time. The doctor told us when Rainy was born that we needed to "love her while we had her." They didn't expect her to live past 5 years old.

We have definitely been blessed by Rainy. She's vivacious, only suffers minor retardation, and while she is delayed in her abilities--she's an incredible asset to this family. I only wish they all lived in Montana instead of Kansas.

So today I am writing this note to encourage you to see life for what it really is - a blessing of time. We don't know how much of this time we get. We don't know what other complications will come into play to spoil our "time". But, while we have it - while we have each other - no moment should be wasted. Love each other other while you have each other.


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