Friday, January 23, 2009

A Real Book!

Rejoice with me, I have a "real book!" Whenever I start a new project it never feels like I've got an honest-to-goodness book until I have 100 pages written. Now that I have accomplished that much, I feel definitely energized. This is the second book in what will be a three book series set in Sitka, Alaska, and I'm having such fun. The setting is one of my favorite--the characters are coming to life, and the history of the place is so vivid and full of intrigue.

It seems like other projects are this way as well. Sometimes there is just a mark--a point of accomplishment where we can look at something we're working on realize the potential. We can imagine the end result.

I look at my grandchildren and imagine the people they are to become. I look at winter around me and imagine the glory of summer. I think of the problems in this world, and know incredible hope of what is to come when Jesus returns.

There is great anticipation in the beginning of a thing, and wondrous satisfaction in the completion of the same, but sometimes we need to recognize that point of accomplishment in the middle and take joy in where it can take us.

I love being an author on this journey, and I love that I can share it with you.

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