Friday, June 18, 2010

Life in a Small Town

Belgrade, Montana isn't that big. We're maybe six or seven thousand people. The entire Gallatin County - which includes Bozeman, West Yellowstone, as well as a few other smaller towns - is probably only about 60,000. It's an incredible place to live, and I love it!

One of our best entertainments is the local Police Report in the daily paper. I LOVE that this is the worst of our crime. For example - let's pour over today's reports.

1. A man was warned for criminal mischief after grabbing a caution cone from the street and using it as a hat.

I have a great visual on that one. Cathy Hake in the LA area of California is probably hysterical over the thought that this even rates notation.

2. A very (yes, they really did write VERY in order to distinguish from the just sort-of drunk man)drunk man on Rouse Ave. was warned not to ring the bell at the fire station asking for a ride home.

3. A man thought a wolf was in a horse corral. It turned out to be a Siberian husky.



4. A woman said her son was being unruly and feared he was "strung out" on a video game. She said he hadn't slept for 48 hours.
I love that our paper constantly puts things in "quotations."
5. A woman called dispatch to report her son was missing, then discovered he was hiding from her in order to jump out and and say, "Boo!"
Yes, I swear that is truly in our police report. Why do I get the feeling it wasn't a small child - but rather someone's 23 year old.  Hmmmm.
6. A woman locked herself out of her house while a burner was on inside.
7. Someone reported a plane had crashed, then said it was still flying but kept "dive bombing." It was a crop duster.

8. A man was bitten by a bat, which he then captured. A Montana State University lab said he could drop the animal off for testing Monday morning.

Okay - now I'll bet we're gonna have vampires in the neighborhood. Wonder what the limit is on checking for rabies.
9. A mountain lion "challenged" a biker near Bozeman.
To a game of chess? To tennis?

10. A bear near the Sourdough Trailhead.
Yes, that's exactly how this last one read. I don't know for sure, but I think it might have been code. My husband says that he believes most of these are code. Maybe if you connect all the words in quotations you'll spell out an important message? Who knows.
We did have light snow last Friday morning and Bozeman got 2 inches that melted by eleven or so in the morning. This week it's rain, rain, rain and the road just west of us partially caved in over part of the river. No doubt it's in the police report somewhere. I should have some pictures for you next week.

God Bless You and watch out for wolves posing as huskies, as well as challenging mountain lions.

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  1. I love it! My mom grew up in Churchill, MT (many of my aunts and uncles still live there) so I especially love reading your books set in the Gallatin area. I also love reading the police report from there...ours are never as interesting!


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