Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Book

This week I'm celebrating a new book. Book 3 in the Song of Alaska series has finally arrived. TWILIGHT'S SERENADE is the conclusion of this series set in Sitka, Alaska.

And, it's debut is just in time. August 6th I leave for Sitka where I'll be speaking - but more of that next week.

Debuting a new book is always like welcoming a new baby. You're in awe of the arrival and the wonder of it all. You can scarce believe you had anything to do with its creation, and you wonder what people will think of it. You hope that this child will be well received and loved, but know that there will always be those who have no interest.

In this case, I also had a little sorrow. The series is complete and I must say goodbye to the characters, but not to my love of Alaska. Who knows where the future will take me where that state is concerned. Alaska is full of wonder, possibilities, and so many stories. There very well may be additional books to celebrate the beauty and grandeur God has created there.

Until then, however, I'm moving on to Texas and a brand new family. I'll see you there.

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