Friday, April 8, 2011

Off and Running

By the time you read this, I will be in Billings, Montana attending my fourth or is it fifth? Women of Faith Conference. I love these things. I always enjoying attending with the gals from my church, and I love being in an arena full of women who are seeking to be closer to God. You can check out Women of Faith events at

This year's line up includes: Patsy Clairmont

Marilyn Meberg,

Lisa Whelchel

and Sandi Patty,

and music from Mandisa and Selah.

There have been some amazing things that have happened to me at Women of Faith. The very first one I attended, was the very first Women of Faith Conference. Surprisingly enough it came to Topeka, KS. Because our church was heavily involved and because I was already writing, I was appointed to be the assistant to Gloria Gaither's trio of friends - one of whom included Sue Buchanan. Sue and I became friends from this setting and over the years I've laughed and cried at the wonderful stories she tells of how God met her in difficult or amusing times.

I attended one Women of Faith conference in Lincoln, NE and from that had an experience that really deepened my walk with God and helped me to get deeper into the Word.

I've attended several in Billings, MT and among those was one that led me to attend a NEW LIFE MINISTRIES weekend in Denver. What a blessing that turned out to be. I was so blessed by listening to Steven Arterburn and highly recommend this retreat if you want to get away and work on personal issues.

At another one of these conferences, I found a real key to problems in my past and it sparked a study that helped me to overcome some painful wounds.

So, when you read this, I know God and I will be working hard together. I'm excited to see what He wants to show me this time. In fact - I can hardly wait!

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