Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 3 Book Tour

Well we're heading into our 3rd week on the book tour! This week we get to spend time with our daughter Jen and see her graduate from Harvard and hopefully I'll have some photos next week.

This last week we finished up with Minneapolis - thankfully before the tornadoes hit, but we have been praying big time for all the storm hit locations. I had a signing in St. Joseph, Michigan where the fog was quite thick. Here we are with Lindsay and her mom Lori. They run a small store in Monticello, MN. They were such fun!

We saw a couple of really neat old school houses. This one was in Northwest Minnesota.

And this one is an active museum called West Riverside Museum School near Cambridge, MN.

Then Jim and I had a wonderful dinner in Grand Rapids with Dwight and Tammy Baker (Dwight's at the head of the table and Tammy is to his right in green). Dwight heads up Baker Publishing. Also in attendance were a variety of fun folks. Chris Jager (dark shirt), the Baker Book House fiction buyer, Sue and Mike (behind me on the right)from the Baker Book store and Ray and Ann Byle (in the front), a freelancer for the Grand Rapids Press. The Bakers fixed a delicious meal and we very much enjoyed the fellowship and laughter.

I spoke that night at the Baker Book Store and had a great group in attendance. We had a great time laughing and enjoying the night.

The next day I was in Defiance and Lima, Ohio before moving on the New York. The drive to Johnson City was incredibly beautiful. We stopped at Lake Chautauqua and enjoyed the scenery.

I spoke and signed books in Johnson City at Arrowhead Christian Bookstore. Those folks know how to make an author feel welcomed - they had a chocolate fountain.

Now, as I mentioned we're off to Boston to see Jen graduate.

God Bless You!

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