Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Did you miss me?

Hello wonderful blog readers. Did you miss me? I sure missed you!

Back in July our granddaughter Rainy fell ill. It became so serious we feared we would be having a funeral.
We headed to Kansas City and sat at her bedside and she gradually improved. We said it was the healing power of Grandparent Love. Here she is with her momma after recovery started. The looks are day and night differentand proof that prayer works. Thanks so much to those of you who prayed.

We hurried back home then and I went to be with the women of my church. We had a retreat in the mountains with Angie Breidenbach as our speaker. If you haven't checked Angie out - you really must. She has some amazing jewlery that supports African orphans and she's written several books. Also she is a super amazing speaker and if you need someone for your women's groups - I highly recommend her. Check her out at

After that it was back to Kansas where I worked with Judy Miller on the 3rd installment of our Bridal Veil Island series. Judy is always a lot of fun to work with and I got to enjoy her new office. Made me start thinking about my own.

Then we moved on to St. Louis where I was the keynote speaker for the American Christian Fiction Writers conference. Oh that was tons of fun. I got to see a lot of my writer friends and as Tammy posted - we snapped a photo of us bloggers sans Cathy and Robin. I was completely blessed by the conference as I know many writers were. The ACFW awarded me a Lifetime Achievement Award and a bouquet of roses. This came as a total shock. I've teased my publisher that this means I can now retire. Here I am with Kayla Woodhouse. She's 14 and has already co-authored 2 books with her mom Kim Woodhouse. I recommend you get a copy of their first book (the only one out so far) titled NO SAFE HAVEN.

Speaking of the publisher - after St. Louis Jim and I moseyed up to Minnesota to do research and to meet with the Bethany House folks. I love and adore that gang. They are like family to me and it's always so nice to get together with them and talk about the industry and the ministry aspects of what we do.

Amidst all of this, I was dealing with a shocking diagnosis that came to me on the 8th of September. The doctor told me I have Multiple Scelosis. MS is a nerve disorder where your own white cells attack the myelin (sheath around nerves) and destroys it. This can cause pain, blindness, cripple you and so much more. Not exactly a fun diagnosis. I started daily injectables which was also not to my liking, but now I find they aren't quite so bad. It's an interesting twist in my journey here on earth, but I'm trying to keep my eyes and ears open to what God will teach me on the way. I definitely would appreciate your continued prayers.

Oh and a super neat highlight. On our way home, we picked up a new baby. Actually a 6wk old collie pup. We're calling him Mack - short for The McGreggor which will probably be his official name. He's soooooo sweet and fluffy. Just a bunch of fur with a nose.

It's great to be back!

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