Saturday, October 22, 2011

He's In The Details

Sometimes I'm absolutely amazed at the way God ties things together. We have been joining friends for a home fellowship on Thursday nights and of late my hubby Jim has been teaching. We've been talking about the history of Christianity and of Israel and the Jews. It's amazing to look through history and see the parallels of our faiths.

Throughout the ages you see where the Jewish people are despised and persecuted, and now we see how Christians are being treated much the same. I even heard someone say the other day that they would be glad when the time came that Christians had to meet in secret in the USA. Believe me - those days are coming.

The neatest part of all, however, is the way God has so intricately used the evil for good - just like Joseph speaks of in Gen. 50:20. When you look at America becoming a nation, you can see where God had plans for us to come alongside the Jewish people to encourage and support a homeland. Sometimes it's hard for us to remember that for hundreds and hundreds of years - there was no Israel. Napoleon comes along and in order to build and promote his cause he finds purpose for the Jews where others had condemned and tormented them. Of course he didn't care about them, but they served his evil purposes. You have Hitler who does the worst possible things to the Jewish people, and God uses that to rally and draw His people together. Then in 1948 America comes alongside Britain to encourage and promote the formation of a Jewish homeland. Gives you the shivers when you really study it out.

Don't ever doubt that God is in the details of your meager existence. He has the hairs on your head numbered. Believe me - He's in the details.

God Bless You

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