Friday, December 9, 2011

The Way We Do It In Montana

Do what? Keep warm.
We all have our ways of keeping warm over the winter, but I thought I'd share a few of the ones we have here in Montana.

First of all - I know you've probably heard of the "3 Dog Night" when it's necessary to have at least 3 dogs surrounding you to keep you warm. Well, this is a "1 Cat Day".

We are also heavy into thermal products.
I have thermal curtains at the windows, thermal underwear for really cold outside days, thermal gloves and hats, thermal sleeping bags and comforters and of course thermal dog wear - including boots.

We love our fireplaces and heating stoves. We love to crowd around them and keep warm.

We have chemical packets for warming hands and feet. We have car survival kits
with all sorts of items to keep you from freezing to death if you are trapped up in the mountains - say when you go searching for your Christmas tree.

We get active and have all sorts of cold weather sports.

Probably the best way to keep warm during the winter is the company of good friends. No, not so we can huddle together, but when we get together all that hot air we have going in conversation keeps us pretty toasty. No, not toasted, although I understand Judy and Tammy have great eggnog and hot buttered rum recipes. At least I suppose they do - since they always seem to have a recipe for something outrageously delicious that I can't afford the calories of and yet really really want to try.

So if you are cold - I'm sending you warm thoughts and suggesting you find someone to hug. If you're in a warmer place or even one that's still hot - well, you don't need to worry about such things so you can probably just skip this blog and wait for Judy or Tammy to post a recipe for something delicious and cold.

God Bless You!

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  1. That's how my daughter cuddles with her fur-baby! I live in Georgia...and even though winter's here are a walk in the park to you Montana Mountain People...I freeze! I lived in Hawaii my entire life and even though I have lived in Ga. for 11 years...I'm still not used to it!!


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