Friday, August 10, 2012


Earlier this week my sweet hubby Jim and I were out for lunch.

We were having a great time chatting and when our food came things were going well until Jim swallowed a piece of lettuce wrong. Next thing I know he was turning colors on me and not breathing.

Now I've had to preform the Heimlich Manuever on two of my children once before, but never on an adult. I realized as Jim continued to choke that I needed to do something so I got up and prepared to do the Heimlich once again. The problems became immediately evident.

1. Jim was seated in a rather thick backed chair.
2. Jim is a big-chested man.
3. Tracie has short arms.

Those things added up to very nearly cause me disaster. Now keep in mind, I was ready to throw Jim to the floor to jump on his gut and Heimlich with my foot, but this tall, angelic man came to our rescue.

Just as he started to help, however, Jim managed to free the lettuce and began to breath again. It was a terrifying situation that happened in the matter of less than a minute. So this is my reminder to everyone out there to learn or review the Heimlich Manuever.
Take a CPR class - review emergency procedures. You never know when you might need to help someone.

And a special thanks to my Minnesota angel wherever you are, I hope your travels go well and that God gives you a special blessing for your kindness and willing heart.
God Bless!

Oh and I nearly forgot - the WINNERS FOR LAST WEEKS DRAWING

Cindy Blankenship

Beth Gillihan

Linda Barcus

Please send me your full name and address at and I will send you a copy of TO LOVE AND CHERISH!

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