Friday, August 24, 2012

We're Smokin'

Montana has several fires, but Idaho seems to have even more. Now Washington state has added to the pot and viola! We're Smokin'! The doctor asked me the other day if I smoke and I told her, only during summer forest fire season. She thought that was funny, but alas, it's true. We started early with fires this year and the entire summer has been miserable. On the other hand, I still have a beautiful state to live in and many things for which I'm thankful.
The smoke in Montana has given us some beautiful sunsets, even though it's wreaking havoc with my asthma.
This fawn doesn't seem to mind, but you can see how hazy things are in the background.

Even smokey, it's a great place to live.  Here's Mack enjoying a game of fetch.  We had him shaved for the summer, so he doesn't look quite as grand the collie as he usually does, but he just turned one year old.

Calvin on the other hand has a few years on Mack.  Calvin is the wise one who Jim put in charge of Feline Security. I'm very thankful for him and the little gifts he brings on occasion - voles, gophers, mice and sadly the occasion baby rabbit.

This is Molly, my mother's beagle.  Molly has very little patience for Mack, but she can be so very sweet.

And Sarfari has very little patience for anyone.  She's queen of the keep and doesn't let anyone forget about it.  The smoke doesn't seem to bother her at all. And Jim says it's because she's actually demon possessed and from hell. Sometimes as crazy as she gets...I actually think he may be right.

So despite the smoke and my inability to go for long walks outside, I occasionally get to go for a short drive.

So we'll deal with our hazy, smoky skies and take refuge in the sealed and air conditioned house.  I'll wear my mask when I get house crazy and go for a short drives (I had to say that or the doctors and nurses I know would get after me), and I'll be praying for early snows or complete fire suppression.

 God Bless!

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