Friday, January 25, 2013


I've spent some time this week pondering boxes. Why you might ask? Because when I came home from Colorado Springs I had about 20 of them waiting for me. That coupled with my recent studies on the Bible really got me thinking about boxes.
Boxes offer a temporary boundary. They can offer protection, storage, hide things - you can use them to ship things, make a play fort or even a temporary table. Boxes are amazing. They are one of the most useful things known to man.

Some boxes come to us without frills or identifying marks.

Others clearly say what's inside.

Some boxes are dressed up and suggest thoughtfulness or fun.

Other boxes reveal surprises.

This is Professor Mittens - my son's cat

The box is a fantastic tool for consolidating objects into order. But, there's one important issue regarding boxes that will never - ever work.

You can't put God in a box.

God can't be stuffed away and hidden from sight. He refuses to be contained, and what a wonderful blessing that is. As I was studying Genesis and the life of Abraham, God promises Abraham a son even though Abraham and Sarah are old and beyond the normal child-bearing years. Genesis 18:14 has the Lord saying, "Is anything too hard for the Lord?"

I love knowing that there is nothing too hard for God. Not my messes. Not my failures. He can work through anything and with anyone. All through the Word we see where God has used the lives of people who were considered useless by others. God didn't put them in a box and hide them away. Better still, He showed them His awesome power.

They heard His voice asking, "Is anything too hard for the Lord?"

So I hope you'll think on that today.  There may be some daunting tasks facing you.  You might feel the impossibility of your situation or the hopelessness of a loved one, but I challenge you to remember - there is nothing too hard for the Lord.  Take it to Him and rest in His provision.

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