Friday, January 4, 2013

My beloved African Family

Many of you know that my husband Jim and I adopted an African family.  Well, not in a court of law, but in a court of love.

Jean Pierre, a Burundi native, was introduced to us through our daughter Jen when she was working as a missionary in Uganda.  Jean Pierre was attending the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Kampala. where Jen was working and we fell in love with him and his family.

Over the years we have become their biggest fans.  Albine, our sweet daughter and Jean Pierre our son have 6 beautiful girls ranging in ages from 3 to 14.  Albine is currently expecting and we're praying for a safe and healthy delivery as she lost her last baby--a boy.  A son in their culture is super important so I'm hoping they will get the boy they so desire.  But no matter what I know this child will be loved.

 Jean Pierre and Albine's adorable daughters have a special place in their hearts and in ours.

Back row from left to right - Christa Bella, Merville, Lena Fiorentina and Ayolina
Front row left to right - Tracie and Ruth (yes, Tracie was named after me and Ruth after my mother's middle name)        

Aren't they a bunch of cuties?

Jean Pierre has been responsible for starting over 10 churches in Burundi. Here is the church they are currently building. It still needs a lot of work, but these people are so happy about having a place to meet and worship God. Their joy in the Lord and happiness for the smallest blessings truly humbles me.
So as we begin 2013, I am thanking God for all my blessings including this beautiful family. I hope if you think about it - you will pray for them as they serve the Lord in Burundi, Africa.

New Year's Blessings

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