Friday, February 26, 2010

Enjoying Texas

This week I'm enjoying a writer's retreat in Round Top, Texas. The Round Top Christian Retreat Center is an incredible setting for rest, writing, and fellowship. When I first came to this place almost a year ago, I was immediately blessed by the owner Euphanel Goad. She is a marvelous lady and has been so much fund to work with. She gave us a tour of the grounds and the various houses available and I was completely sold.

The retreat is full of lovely grounds to walk,

and gorgeous antiques in each of the houses.

As I understand it - this is quite the center of antique shows and festivals. Hmmmm, I might need to shop, but mostly I hope to focus on the Lord and rest in Him.

Having a retreat reminds me of Jesus withdrawing to lonely places. Of course with a total of 17 authors under one roof - it's not at all lonely.

Hopefully next week Cathy or I can post some pictures. Sadly Tammy, Robin, Kim and Judy couldn't be with us - but maybe next year. In the meantime, they can just think of all the fun we're having and plan to join us next year.


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