Friday, March 5, 2010

Seeing My Kansas Family

Well, we're on the road again - this time it's Kansas. Texas was awesome and being with writer friends was awesome. We had some incredible programs on Victorian fashion, customs, servants and medicine, as well as an awesome presentation by Carol Johnson former VP of Bethany House Publishing. So Texas was chilled, damp weather (it actually snowed which amazed the Texans - we Montana's just sort of gave it a nod. Now it's Kansas and tornado season - well, not quite - hopefully.

After a 20+ hour drive down - done in more than one day - my mother, husband and me plan to enjoy the family and friends we left behind when we moved from Kansas.

Of course one of my favorites is daughter Julie, son-in-law Geoff and my grandbabies. Rainy is now 7 1/2 and although
sickness and vision loss, brain damage and epilepsy is stealing a lot of her youth, Rainy is one vivacious princess.

Fox is doing a little better and I thank you all for your prayers. He's a precious, precocious 6 year old and I know God has great things planned for this supersmart boy. Here's a photo of him with his mama - my middle child Julie. Hard to believe she's not his age anymore - seems like just yesterday I was the Mama instead of the Nana.

Max is a lovey, dovey Mama's boy, but I'm working on him becoming a "Nana's Boy" too.

Another fun thing about visiting Kansas are the friends. I plan to make the circle to those dear ones. I also have to visit the accountant for tax planning, and work with Judy as time permits.

So I'm mixing family - writing - taxes - friends - more writing - and copious miles on the new Equinox. After that - I really hope to be home a while.

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