Friday, March 19, 2010

What A Week

I'm still battling the crud. The doctor says it just has to run its course. I sure wish it would run a little faster. Unfortunately my whole family has it, so we're all being miserable together.

Since I was having a lucid moment I wanted to blog about the wonderful booksigning I had last week in Anthony, Kansas at Higher Grounds and Leather Bounds. The folks there were so amazing. If you happen to be in the area of this little Kansas town, I encourage you to stop by the shop. It's not only charmingly designed, but there's a little coffee cafe and a wonderful place to just sit and enjoy some time away.

While there I got to spend time with some family. My mother's cousin - I guess my first cousin once removed or something like that - anyway her name is Wynalie and what a prayer warrior. She and her husband Clair are great folks and pastor a local church there. There was also time with her extended family - and friends. Her granddaughter Christy is a charmer to be sure and helped hand out candy at the booksigning and speaking event.

I had my mom and husband at the signing, as well as daughter Julie who took photographs for me. She has an awesome touch with the camera. Julie said this little darling was my youngest fan at the signing.

Later we got back to Topeka and I got to spend more time with my daughter Julie, son-in-law Geoff and of course the grandkids.

I'm sure glad that if I had to be sick it was once I got home and not there with them.

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