Friday, April 23, 2010

Research in the Northwest

Last week my husband and I took a research trip to the American Northwest. We drove from Montana and headed west. The weather was gorgeous until we got to Snowquamie Pass as we neared Seattle.

Coming into this ski resort area sent us in a step back to winter, but once we cleared that area, we drove into Seattle spring.

We took a spin through the Olympic National Park and tootled through several port towns. We toured through several museums and the book ideas were everywhere I looked.

The weather was misty and overcast adding to the ambiance of the trip. I made notes regarding the weather--the feeling--the charm.

Throughout the trip I was continuously blessed by the little things. A parking place smack dab in front of the downtown Seattle restaurant where I wanted to eat.

Comfortable beds. The incredible beauty of flowering trees.

Smooth as glass lakes and little waterfalls that peeked out at the most unexpected times.

I felt God's presence in the landscape as well as the people. We met some truly delightful people.

Now I'm back home and it's time to tackle galley proofs on one book and dig into writing the next book.

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