Friday, April 30, 2010

Swamped and Snowed In

This week has been incredibly swamped, so this will be short and sweet. However there were a few things I wanted to share.

1. It's snowing like crazy outside.

2. I did manage to get galleys and contest judging done, and conference materials put together.

3. On this day in 1789 George Washington first took office as President of the USA; I don't know if it was snowing or not, but I found this shot of GW praying in the snow.

4. I just checked and it's still snowing.

5. Happy Birthday to Louisiana - where I'm betting it's not snowing.

6. It's because of days like this that I can't plant Live Oaks or Jacarandas in my yard.

7. And, well the weatherman just said we're in a winter storm warning and can expect it to continue snowing.

With that, I'm going back to work writing my book about a very warm and sunny Texas.

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