Friday, March 26, 2010

Plugging Into The Power Source

I've been digging through research from my trip to Georgia with Judy in order to work on the story outline. I continue to be enraptured by the live oaks--hold pleasant memories of the food and people--and can't wait to go back. Now for me - a gal who hates hot weather and humidity - that's saying something.

I recently read a book titled SAVING CEE CEE HONEYCUTT by Beth Hoffman. There was a little language in it, but otherwise I found the story so delightful. And, as a bonus, much of it was set in Savannah. It was great fun to read that book and remember sights and settings from my trip. It made me very mindful of the power authors have over the reader. It also reminded me of the responsibility I have to the reader.

Beth Hoffman caused me to feel a part of life in Savannah. She drew me into this story with strong characters, vivid setting and a tenderness of heart that left me smiling when I closed the book. As an author, I want to reach readers in such a way that they feel not only a part of the plot and setting, but that the hope God has given me--the joy I have in His love is evident at the heart of my story.

I want to share that same joy, hope and love in my daily walk. At church on Wednesday nights we're studying about discipleship, and last night we discussed what discipleship is and what's needed to be successful. One thing that seemed evident was that to disciple another person--you must be passionate about, and invested in what you believe. You need to be plugged into the right source of power. It came to me that sharing with someone in this capacity or in my writing ministry, I'm rather like an extension cord. If I'm plugged into the reader, but not plugged into the source of power--I really have nothing to offer. It isn't until I plug into the power of God, that I can share anything of value with anyone. Without that power, I'm just a dangling extension cord that offers nothing of substance, but can definitely be a hindrance. The opposite is also true--an extension cord plugged into the power source and not connected to anything else is also rather useless.

My challenge to you today is to plug into the power source, then stand ready to plug into someone else--someone who maybe can't quite reach the source on their own--someone who desperately needs the extension of grace and love.

Friday, March 19, 2010

What A Week

I'm still battling the crud. The doctor says it just has to run its course. I sure wish it would run a little faster. Unfortunately my whole family has it, so we're all being miserable together.

Since I was having a lucid moment I wanted to blog about the wonderful booksigning I had last week in Anthony, Kansas at Higher Grounds and Leather Bounds. The folks there were so amazing. If you happen to be in the area of this little Kansas town, I encourage you to stop by the shop. It's not only charmingly designed, but there's a little coffee cafe and a wonderful place to just sit and enjoy some time away.

While there I got to spend time with some family. My mother's cousin - I guess my first cousin once removed or something like that - anyway her name is Wynalie and what a prayer warrior. She and her husband Clair are great folks and pastor a local church there. There was also time with her extended family - and friends. Her granddaughter Christy is a charmer to be sure and helped hand out candy at the booksigning and speaking event.

I had my mom and husband at the signing, as well as daughter Julie who took photographs for me. She has an awesome touch with the camera. Julie said this little darling was my youngest fan at the signing.

Later we got back to Topeka and I got to spend more time with my daughter Julie, son-in-law Geoff and of course the grandkids.

I'm sure glad that if I had to be sick it was once I got home and not there with them.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Home Again

I'm home again. The photo is of me at the writer's retreat a couple of weeks ago. The ladies made me a very personalized cowgirl/writer hat.

We drove down to Kansas to see family - do a book signing in Anthony, KS (which went phenomenally well and was so much fun - Thanks again HIGHER GROUNDS AND LEATHER BOUND Bookstore) and see the accountant. On the side, Judy Miller and I got together because we're going to write another series - Yippppppeeeee!

Speaking of Judy - if you're in the Iowa area - particularly Pella or Des Moines - Judy will be signing books this weekend. Here are the particulars.

Saturday, March 13
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Speak and Sign at Wellspring Christian Book Store
10465 Hickman Road, Des Moines, IA 50322

2:00 pm
Speak and Sign at Gosselinks’s Christian Book Store
731 Franklin, Pella, IA 50219

This week - well, what's left of it - I'll be getting down to business fleshing out a couple of story outlines and getting over what I call seasonal allergies complicated by my personal health disposition. Which basically means - I'm allergic to Kansas and humidity, which triggered head congestion, which went into my lungs and triggered the asthma, which gave me a horrid cough, which in turn has left me with laryngitis forcing me to cancel a radio interview scheduled for tomorrow. Oh well. At least I can type.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Seeing My Kansas Family

Well, we're on the road again - this time it's Kansas. Texas was awesome and being with writer friends was awesome. We had some incredible programs on Victorian fashion, customs, servants and medicine, as well as an awesome presentation by Carol Johnson former VP of Bethany House Publishing. So Texas was chilled, damp weather (it actually snowed which amazed the Texans - we Montana's just sort of gave it a nod. Now it's Kansas and tornado season - well, not quite - hopefully.

After a 20+ hour drive down - done in more than one day - my mother, husband and me plan to enjoy the family and friends we left behind when we moved from Kansas.

Of course one of my favorites is daughter Julie, son-in-law Geoff and my grandbabies. Rainy is now 7 1/2 and although
sickness and vision loss, brain damage and epilepsy is stealing a lot of her youth, Rainy is one vivacious princess.

Fox is doing a little better and I thank you all for your prayers. He's a precious, precocious 6 year old and I know God has great things planned for this supersmart boy. Here's a photo of him with his mama - my middle child Julie. Hard to believe she's not his age anymore - seems like just yesterday I was the Mama instead of the Nana.

Max is a lovey, dovey Mama's boy, but I'm working on him becoming a "Nana's Boy" too.

Another fun thing about visiting Kansas are the friends. I plan to make the circle to those dear ones. I also have to visit the accountant for tax planning, and work with Judy as time permits.

So I'm mixing family - writing - taxes - friends - more writing - and copious miles on the new Equinox. After that - I really hope to be home a while.
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