Friday, October 30, 2009

Home, Book Finished and Introduction

Well I'm home for a month. The booktour was loads of fun. Of course anytime I get together with my writing friends--no matter who--no matter where, we inevitably have a great time.

I was with Judy Miller and Cathy Marie Hake this time. Bethany House's extremely talented marketing directeor, Steve Oates, drove us from place to place. We visited Amish County in Ohio and Bill and Gloria Gaither's store in Indiana. We saw Colleen Coble in Wabash, Indiana (here we all are)
and visited a carousel factory in Mansfield, OH, but Judy no doubt will tell you more about that. We ate Amish butter cheese - yum. We had a wonderful baked chicken meal shared with two of the sweetest bookstore (The Gospel Shop) owners Vesta and Small at Der Dutchman in Berlin, Ohio. It was definitely a whirlwind tour. We did 12 signings in 4 1/2 days.

One of the things that really blessed me on the tour, besides the fellowship, was the fall colors. Ohio and Indiana were gorgeous. Another was the kindness of the people we met. I was blessed by so many who shared their stories and told me how much they enjoyed our books. We spoke at most of the occasions and I witnessed God truly touching lives for Him.

I am very happy to announce that I just finished the first book in a Texas triology and I'm working on a Texas booktour for next year - probably late August or early September.

Now for the introduction portion. As I mentioned I enjoyed the booktour with our own Judith Miller and her carousel passion. Now we get to share Cathy Marie Hake with you as well. Cathy is an awesome gal who writes with a great deal of humor in her books. I was priviledged to get to meet her years ago when she first proposed a story to Heartsong Presents and I was working in the acquisition process. I think you're going to enjoy Cathy's way of looking at the world. So without further ado - Cathy! Here are some photos to show you just what fun she can be.

Oh, and I had to share just a fun little thing. Here's Simon - our daughter Jen's cat who lives with us - in his festive Halloween costume.

God Bless!

Friday, October 23, 2009

On the Road Again

This week I'm in Ohio and Indiana on a book tour, so I'm not going to have much to say. I forgot to plan ahead for this blog, so please forgive me.

It's been a lot of fun hanging with Judy Miller and Cathy Hake. The book signings have introduced us to some lovely folks and incredible stores.

Wednesday night we were in Bill and Gloria Gaither's store in Indiana, where we enjoyed some awfully good pumpkin spice cookies and wonderful staff and readers.

The fall colors are incredible - much prettier than my part of Montana. We had a cold snap that dropped us down to 2 degrees F the first week in October. That killed off the leaves and left them all a muddy brown, rather than allowing them to turn Aspen gold.

Anyway, we would certainly appreciate your prayers for safe journeys home.
Love to all

Friday, October 16, 2009

Booksignings in Alabama

The booksignings in Alabama were great fun, and I met so many neat people. I want to definitely offer my thanks to the Athens-Limestone Public Library in Athens, AL and also to the Huntsville Lifeway Christian Bookstore, in Huntsville, AL.

The Athen-Limestone Library speaking event turned out to be great fun. I met such wonderful people, and enjoyed signing books for them.

Here I am with a great little gal named Jade and her mother Amy.

Then we were off to Huntsville the next morning for the Lifeway Fiction Day celebration. We had a great turn out there and I met so many readers who turned out to be loyal fans. Here's a shot of one gal named Tammy.
She assured me that she has read everything I've written.

Another one who said the same was Marge Odom (she's promised me Hawaiian Banana bread and its recipe).

Then I met a dear lady named Rachel and 2 of her 5 daughters - Laura and Lyn and her little granddaughter Abigail.
Laura (shown in the wheelchair) even surprised me with a sketch of one of my book characters (Dianne Chadwick from the Heirs of Montana). Each person was a special blessing.

Then of course there were the Lifeway gals. I call them the Lovely Ladies of Lifeway. They made me feel welcome and special.
What more could an author ask for?

I think my favorite thing was the fellowship. Each of the readers were great to share stories of how the books had changed their life or drawn them closer to God. What a special blessing that was to me. Next week - Ohio and Indiana booktours. See my website ( for dates and locations. Cathy Marie Hake and Judith Miller will be my companions. Look out Ohio and Indiana this trio can be dangerous!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Back from Alaska and Alabama Bound

I'm back from Alaska and headed to Alabama where I'll be signing copies of DAWN'S PRELUDE. First I'll be at the Athens-Limestone Library, 405 E. South St., Athens, AL at 3:30 p.m. on Friday October 9th - TODAY!

Saturday October 10th I'll be celebrating Lifeway's Fiction Day at a booksigning in Huntsville from 11-1 pm. This will take place at:

Westside Centre
6275 University Dr NW, Suite 42A
Huntsville, AL 35806

On another note - I'm back from my trip to Alaska. It was a great time and the weather was unseasonably beautiful and dry - except for Ketchikan where it rained, but that was no real surprise as they get the most rain of all the inside passage towns. Here's beautiful Sitka Harbor and then a snap from the ship of Ketchikan's welcome sign.

Dawn's Prelude is already hitting the stores there and is proving popular. Folks are always tickled to see stories about their area. One woman told me that she is so delighted to see the increase of Christian fiction in bookstores and everyday markets. I know many of you have shared this sentiment, and I think all of us who write feel the same way. It's such a relief to pick up a book and know that we don't have to worry about the content influencing us to take our gaze from the Lord.

One really neat encounter for my husband and I happened in Juneau. While walking around the town we met a man who was asking for change. We gave him some and then stayed and talked with him a while. He was part Tlingit Indian and had a very interesting life to tell us about. We stood there for probably twenty minutes and he told us of his love of reading. When he found out I was an author, he announced he would look for my books at the library and demanded my website. I had to smile. Here was a man down on his luck, living in a tent, and one of his greatest joys was reading. You just never know.

Oh and just for your amusement - here's a photo from my front door taken on Wednesday. This is our 3rd snow.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Victoria, British Columbia

As promised, this week I'm sharing Victoria, British Columbia with you. This is a wonderful little island town to visit, and if you get chance to go there - do! It's a short trip by ferry to Victoria from Washington state or Vancouver ports.

There are some charming B&B's in Victoria - Prior House is among the best. Judith Miller, Cathy Hake and I stayed there and enjoyed this old house. Candice, the innkeeper was a delight and provided us with the finest care.

There is a wonderful castle house called Craigdarroch Castle. It just oozes historical wonders.

What a grand time we had exploring this place. Each time I go to Victoria, I try to go here and everytime I learn a little more I think how much fun it would be to use this setting for a series.

In downtown Victoria there's a charming German Restaurant called Rathskellar. The food is incredible. The Empress Hotel offers incredible teatime fun.

Of course there are wonderful gardens to visit in Victoria, as well as antique stores and an incredible park that overlooks the entire city and harbor.

Well, by now we're back in port in Seattle and headed home to Montana. I know I'll be ready to see my beloved Bridger range of mountains and my sweet little house, but I will be pining for Alaska and Victoria. What a blessing!

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