Monday, April 22, 2013

More on the tour

After Rochester, we made our way North to Lake City.  We arrived early, so Jim and I decided to enjoy a few moments at one of the local antique stores.  Afterwards I spoke at the library and what a neat bunch!


The audience was great to talk to and with.  There were a lot of great questions - some of the same I'm always asked - where do you get your ideas - how do you co-write - how do you develop your characters - where do you get character names?

After Lake City, we drove to the Twin Cities area and Roseville was our next stop.

 Here at the Barnes and Noble, I was honored by the presence of other authors with the local Christian writers groups.

Can you tell we were having a really good time?

Julie Klassen, one of my favorite authors joined us as well.  She's the one in pink.

And some of my publishing folks from Bethany House were there to encourage me. I'm standing next to Sarah Long and then we have Dave Horton.  Both work with me on editorial issues.  Next to Dave is Debra and Ann - they are some of the fantastic marketing ladies.  Noelle - the great gal who put this booktour together was also there, but she had to leave before we had the photo taken.

We left Roseville in rain that turned quickly to icy rain and then snow.  It took 2 1/2 hours to get to Albany - a not so long distance that should only have taken about an hour.  The weather got worse and we had to cancel our bookstore stop in Grand Forks, North Dakota the next morning.

We headed west and while the roads were messy for a while - it cleared up the farther we drove to the west.  Even so, it was snowy.

We did manage to make it to the Melberg Christian Book and Gift Store in Moorhead, MN later in the afternoon and had a wonderful time meeting the bookstore owners and staff.


Also some very wonderful customers.  Here are just a couple of the special ladies.  Luella blessed me in sharing some of her past and memories of time when she and pastor hubby lived in Montana.  We prayed with her for family members and friends.  What a neat blessing that turned out to be.

This is Jo who had planned to come to the book signing, but then was hospitalized. 

She said she worked hard to get healthy enough to get out of the hospital in time to come see me.  She left the hospital and came directly to the bookstore. Her husband wheeled her in and we had a wonderful chat.

After the book signing Jim and I headed west to Bismarck for the night.  The weather was so nice on Friday that we drove straight through and got home tired, but blessed. 

In spite of beautiful skies - it's hard to believe it's April with all this snow.

It was so wonderful to be able to go out on the road and meet the readers, librarians and bookstore folks.  I was greatly blessed by this experience and thank all of you who came out to see me.

Now I need to whip my office into shape and get back to writing.  Hope you enjoyed coming along on the book tour via the blog.

God Bless You All!

Saturday, April 20, 2013



The following folks have won on the Odyl giveaway of the Icecutter's Daughter!

Contact Noelle Buss at  for your book!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Headed South

Today I spoke at the library in Owatonna, MN.
 I arrived a little late, but librarian Bonnie kept the people entertained and got books sold.
I spoke and everyone seemed to enjoy the stories I shared.  There was a wonderful group of folks there and I enjoyed hearing their stories too.

I had a chance to take a picture with Bonnie and Kay (both with the library)

We had beautiful weather and clear roads as we headed to Rochester.  Even saw this cute barn art. You should be able to click on the picture to see it enlarged.

Here are some Canadian geese enjoying the day.  What a change from the day before and all the snow.

Later in the day we arrived in Rochester and I had a signing at the Christian Book & Gifts Shop.  This is a wonderful family owned and operated bookstore.  I had the opportunity to share with the readers there, as well.

The bookstore folks were great hosts and offered those in attendance a great discount if you pre-ordered the Quarryman's Bride.  Thanks for that!

Tomorrow we'll head to Lake Falls and Roseville, MN.  Check the EVENTS site at my website for more information.  Hope to see you there on my next the last day of book tour.

God Bless You!

More Minnesota

I couldn't blog on our booktour trip yesterday as we had major Internet problems, so I'm catching everyone up today.

We had a busy Saturday with 3 bookstore signings and all of them were great fun.

First was in Baxter, MN at the Bethany Book and Gift. 

Deb, the bookstore owner was a tremendous hostess and her staff was positively awesome.
There were a whole bunch of us authors and of course, I had to get a book from everyone. 

Next was Park Rapids, MN and Beagle Books.  Jennifer and her assistant were so sweet.  We had great fun chatting with the readers, as well.

Last on that day was Good Book and Gifts in Little Falls.  Marge hosted me there and Alice, who had been at the signing in Baxter was able to join us.  There were yummy cookies baked by Marge's hubby and of course the wonderful readers.

Sunday we were unable to get up to Upsala due to the weather.  We were definitely sorry to miss that location because we'd been there before.  Wanda - we'll try to catch you next time.

Today was busy and I met some of the sweetest readers.  We started out at the library in Paynesville, MN.
 Again there were yummy cookies, and sweeter still were the readers.  I loved answering the questions asked.

Then we were off to Willmar and the Good News Bookstore where owner Roger and his assistant Karen were very welcoming as were the readers. 

We saw so many beautiful snowy scenes as well.  It may be the middle of April in Minnesota, but it's quite snowy and pretty.

I hope you'll continue to keep us in your prayers.
God Bless You!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Icecutter's Daughter Book Tour Continues

Oh we are having great fun in Minnesota and this state has some of the nicest folks.


On Thursday I spoke to the wonderful people in Hallock.  We had a great deal of fun and even managed to get a little shopping in prior to the event.  My hubby Jim needed new boots and we found a wonderful little shop owned by Rock Bakken, who also happens to be a great artist.  I had to indulge in one of his small reproduction prints.

After Hallock we made our way to Thief River Falls and encountered some limited visibility and snow.

I spoke at the Thief River Falls Public Library Thursday evening. 

The entire library was filled with quilts made by the local quilters as they were celebrating the 25th anniversary of their quilter's guild.  Here are just a few of the beautiful pieces.


I enjoyed sharing my stories with the audience and had a wonderful time of answering questions.  I always find it interesting to hear what people are wondering about.  Most of the questions had to do with where I get my ideas.  The answer is everywhere.  I read a great deal, non-fiction especially and see ideas for stories all through history.  I also find wonderful story ideas in everyday life.

After a comfortable night in Thief River Falls, we made our way to Warren, MN. 

At Warren I spoke at the local community center. We were invited to share lunch, but had already eaten on our way over, and what a pity. They had some stew that smelled sooooo delicious. Again, the people I had a chance to meet and speak with were wonderful.  I love hearing their stories and learning what they like or dislike about the books.  Today all of the comments were very positive which makes it even better.

Not only that, but I met a wonderful young woman who shares my name - spelling and all.  Here are the 2 Tracie Petersons.

On our way to Baxter we saw these amazing trees and thought they'd make a great photo.  I think I'd enjoy this picture on the livingroom wall.

Tomorrow I have 3 book signings at Christian bookstores.  The first is tomorrow morning in Baxter, MN.  Then tomorrow afternoon I will be in Park Rapids and tomorrow early evening in Little Falls, MN - God willing.  There are all sorts of winter storm advisories out so we'll see what happens. For more details on the locations check out my website and click on EVENTS.

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Warroad and Greenbush, Minnesota

Today I spoke in Warroad and Greenbush, Minnesota.  If you look for these places on the map - you'll need to look way up north - not very far from the Canadian border. 

I've been to both of these locations before and the people there are absolutely awesome.  Of course all of the folks I've met at book events are wonderful.

In Warroad, I was directed to drive past the big yellow building, which turned out to be the area's main employer Marvin Glass and Windows.

 Then we arrived at the library which was also compliments of the Marvin Glass folks. 

We had a great time in Warroad.  Here I had a chance to have my picture taken with the library folks.  What a super bunch of ladies.  They work hard to keep the Warroad Library in top order.

As soon as we concluded we headed over to Greenbush where we had hoped to get supper. 

However, it was after 6 pm and most places were closed, including the grocery store.  So Jim suggested the gas station might have some food and that's where we found cottage cheese and a turkey and cheese sandwich.  It wasn't gourmet, but it served the purpose.

I spoke at the library there in Greenbush and had a great time.  The ladies were awesome and we even had a gentleman join us - probably under duress. :)

We had a few laughs and a lot of fun, and Jim even got to play around with his new camera filters.

On our way back to our hotel in Hallock, we learned that it's best not to go the speed limit on CR-6 after dark.  We nearly hit deer twice.

Tomorrow I speak in Hallock and later in Thief River Falls.  I know we'll have a great time.  If you're in the area, I hope you'll join us.

God Bless You!
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