Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun in Minneapolis

I'm here in Minneapolis at a writer's retreat with some very dear friends - including our very own Judy Miller and Kim Sawyer. This retreat also involves some other wonderful Bethany House authors - Cathy Marie Hake, Lauraine Snelling, Julie Klassen, Stephanie Whitson and Nancy Moser. To say we're having fun would be an understatement. I hope to share more about that part of the trip next week. This week, however, I wanted to share some fun Cathy and I had last weekend when we first arrived in town.

Along with our hubbies, we went to the Minneapolis Museum of Art and enjoyed the Art in Bloom show. This was where various artists created flower arrangements that matched up or accented the colors and settings in some of the museum hotel.

There were some doozies to be sure, and the art museum itself was so wonderful.

I'm sharing a few of my favorite photos with you here.
First is this incredibly interesting painting of a woman? I swear it looks like a man in drag, but bless him/her anyway - the flowers accentuate the lovely colors in the painting.

Portrait of Sarah Allen nee’ Sargent by
John Singleton Copley painted between 1762-1770

Then there was Mrs. T in Cream Silk - I don't remember the artist, but I dearly love this old woman. Isn't she elegant and lovely?

Last but not least there was this amazing piece done completely in flowers.

What fun! We have been having a great time exploring stately homes in St. Paul, art, wonderful restaurants and of course - anytime you're with Cathy Hake - you must antique shop. I'll share more next week!


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