Friday, July 10, 2009

Lovely Summer

We've finally been experiencing summer. We only get about 2 months of true summer here in Southwest Montana, but those two months are generally gorgeous. Yesterday it rained with great gusto, but then we were rewarded with the most incredible rainbows. We often get doubles and this time was no exception.

Last week we took a little Sunday drive and ended up in Helena, where the Thunderbirds just happened to be flying an airshow. It was incredible and the day couldn't have been more perfect.

Of course summer is tourist season so we see more traffic and definitely more visitors. My niece and nephew have spent the last week with us, and we've had so much fun. They made their way through Yellowstone and got some amazing photos. Here's a great one of Mammoth Hot Springs at the north end of the park.

Since we've had a lot of rain, the threat of forest fires are way down, which is a great relief. We're hopeful that it will stay that way, but our worst months for that seem to be August and September (right before the first snows in the higher altitudes.)

We've also enjoyed plenty of wildlife in the area. We caught these photos on a little drive the other day. My niece shot the one of the young moose.

All in all, I'm very blessed to have Montana for my home state. I've truly been amazed at the beauty God has provided, but then I remind myself as lovely as this is - we live in a fallen world. Just imagine what the perfection of Heaven will be like. I can hardly wait!

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