Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

Happy New Year! The old passes away and a new day comes.

This time of year is always seen as a time for reflection. In days long gone by folks would traditionally show up at the White House to shake hands with the President of the United States.
It was actually a tradition that was begun with George Washington prior to the White House's existence and ended with Herbert Hoover in 1932.

New Year's is a time for family traditions and fun. In our family we usually stay up and ring in the new year. We often have friends over to play games and eat food that should probably not be a part of our diet.

At midnight we yell and bang pans, sometimes honk the car horn and act silly. We kiss our sweetheart and then either go back to the games or go to bed for a long winter's nap.

Some folks believe that if your first visitor of the new year is a handsome, dark-haired stranger, you'll have good luck all year. I don't really believe in "luck", but handsome, dark-haired strangers are always welcome. The Dutch believe that because the new year brings the days full circle from the previous year, donuts are good luck to eat. I like how they think. The Dutch love bacon on everything and donuts. Who could ask for anything more? But, if you don't like donuts - then black-eyed peas were considered good luck, as was rice or even cabbage.

No matter what you eat or don't eat, I pray you will have a blessed 2010. There is so much we have to be thankful for. Despite the conflicts and problems endured in this world - and my December was a doozie - we here in America are a very blessed people. Happy 2010, and may God guide your steps throughout the year.

P.S. Rainy is out of the hospital and doing well.

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