Friday, February 5, 2010

Southern Hospitality

When Judy and I were in Savannah, I heard more than one visitor say something about "southern hospitality". At the airport in Savannah they have rocking chairs--not just in the airport, but at the pick-up location outside. When I saw that I thought it was rather like an old friend welcoming you to sit and stay a while. I found all of Georgia to be like that--here's a scene from Jekyll Island.

Before I even reached my hotel, I was "yes ma'amed" three times. Doors were opened for me - chairs pulled out for me at restaurants (well not at Clary's Cafe but more on that later)

I mainly stayed in the historic district so I was treated to that charming side of Savannah over and over. The grand old houses were like welcoming old aunts who beckoned you to come to tea and hear their stories of days gone by.

The cemeteries were incredible with ancient stones from the Colonial days and Civil War. The memorials there were ghostly reminders of a time that I still can't quite imagine.

Throughout the trip, I found people so very hospitable and interesting - some were quirky too - like the guy at the store that always came to touch people's hair or the guy who yelled up to our tourist bus to ask if anyone had cocaine. Oh well, at least he was polite and said "excuse me" first. At least I think that's what his garbled words were.

Oh, and Clary's Cafe - well that was the down-home cafe they showed John Cusack at in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, but let me tell you it was some of the best food I had in Savannah and the folks there were so sweet. If you go there, ask for Maggie to be your waitress - she was so awesome.

So now I'm back in the cold north devoid of live oaks and pralines. But outside I have the most glorious view of the mountains and the air here is dry. So the south is great for a visit, but I still love Montana.

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