Friday, July 16, 2010

Rough Week

This has been a tough week. It has had its blessings to be sure, but also its sadness.

My collie died.

We aren't sure why - the vet thinks maybe when the neighbors sprayed their fence line he got into it somehow. However, my mom's beagle didn't get sick and the neighborhood dogs who roam at will didn't get sick, so I don't know. Still it has been hard for us.

My mother-in-law had to go into the hospital, but she's doing much better and hopefully will go home this week.

And the good with the bad - My grandkids and daughters came home for a visit.

Julie Geoff - friend Karen and all my grandchildren were here for 4th of July. Jennifer came here on the 1st and helped take care of me so it was great to spend time with all of them. My son Erik (pictured above with our collie) put on an amazing fireworks display and we very much enjoyed the 4th. Then Cathy Hake came to visit and cleaned my refrigerator while I recovered from my surgery. Everyone should have someone like Cathy who just roams the earth cleaning fridges. I figured Robin could probably use her next. :D

God always sends the comfort with the sorrow. I know these last couple of weeks have been far more difficult for my dear friends Robin and Judy with their losses. A pet can never equal the loss of a mother or husband - not that it was a competition, however sorrow is sorrow and God sees it all. I was reminded of Tamera's post a few weeks back that talked about God seeing when the sparrows so much a set foot on the earth. I like that idea very much.

I know many of you out there reading this have endured sorrow this week as well, and I hope you will find comfort in God's loving faithfulness and the camaraderie here that bonds us together. We know that death isn't the end, but rather a door - or like was mentioned here - a ship that sails into a new harbor.

We grieve our loss and celebrate their gain. No more sorrow - no more pain. God holds each of us in His hand and we can trust that He will soothe our weary hearts and give us the strength to endure. We can trust that He will never fail and in Him we can accomplish all that He has set out for us.

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