Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Little Texas Trip

Oh we are having great fun in Texas. We have been speaking at numerous libraries and enjoying ourselves enormously.

I think I've driven about 9 million miles, but it hasn't been too difficult and God has really been watching over us. Thanks for the prayers.

Cathy and I have known each other long enough to be able to chatter away and include the audience. We like to keep things casual and fun. Folks seem to like that too. We always get asked some neat questions like, "Why did you pick this setting?" or "How can you be so funny?" The latter one is mainly for Cathy.

I was really touched to hear that a couple of the readers drove from quite far away to come to the signings. You readers are really incredible! Here's a picture of Leslee who came from Oklahoma City to escape the cold and see us in Dallas.

So here are a few pictures of the events.

We wish that we could travel with all of our writing sisters. We have so much fun when we're all together. We wish we could meet up with all of you too. Maybe one of these days we'll all cross roads. If not here - then definitely in heaven.

For now - we'll set a place for you at the dinner table and think of you.

Keep those prayers coming.

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