Friday, June 24, 2011

Lifes Ups and Ups

My grandkids are a constant reminder to me that there are reasons to be in this world and to continue the good fight.

In May we nearly lost Rainy - yes again. She's had another surgery and another birthday (her 9th) and we celebrate and praise God for her.

Fox is doing well and going strong. He's an amazing kid. I love to talk to him on the phone and hear him tell me about his day. He's so smart.

Max is a darling who just celebrated his 5th birthday. He love zebras so of course we had to send him some for his big day.

As I said, they always remind me that no matter how bleak things might be - God is still in control. This last month there have been some huge ups and downs - problems that I can't begin to tell you about. It seemed with each of the good things a dozen bad things followed. I felt a little overwhelmed at times, but God remained faithful, and just when I needed it most - He gave me a glimpse of heaven in the eyes of my grandkids.

I'm truly blessed and no matter whether life dishes out the good, the bad or the ugly, I know God will be there and that I don't need to be overwhelmed.

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