Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank you Veterans!

My Uncle Paul in World War II

Today I want to thank our veterans living and dead for the sacrifice they made to give me freedom. Throughout the ages we have been a truly blessed nation to have men and women who volunteer to serve our country and its citizens. We owe them our freedom and in many ways our very lives.

I thank the families too who have soldiers serving - who daily sacrifice a whole family under one roof to allow their loved ones to serve us.

And I thank God for a nation that though flawed and at odds, steeped in controversy and sin, is still my country and I love it.

So today - I encourage you - call a vet or their family member and say thank you - take a veteran to lunch - take them a gift - give them a hug.

Here's my personal shout out to my friends and family members who have served.
Uncle John - who gave his life in World War II
Uncle Paul who served in the Army Aircorp World War II
Dad - who served in the Navy
Mark - who served in the Navy
Tim - who served with the Navy
Don - who served in the Air Force

To Judy and her family for Jim's sacrifice and to Kim and her hubs for theirs and anyone else represented here.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I love you all so much! May God keep you in His care!

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