Friday, March 29, 2013

Women in History

Since we're getting close to the end of the month, I thought I'd share one more example of women in history.  For this I chose St. Lydwina of Schiedam, the patron saint of the chronically ill, ice skaters and the town of Schiedam in the Netherlands.

She's also thought to be the first recorded case of Multiple Sclerosis and because I saw my neurologist this week for my MS check up, I thought it seemed appropriate.

Born in 1380 in Holland, Lydwina was much loved. At 15 it's said that Lydwina was ice skating when she fell and broke a rib. It's said that having MS was the reason for her fall and her subsequent lack of healing.

The town of Schiedam praised her as being filled with the Holy Spirit and capable of healing others. Lydwina was said to be in chronic, intense pain that left her paralysed, blind and unable to eat or sleep.  Even so, she was completely commited to her love of God and prayer.

Having MS, I've studied up on the symptoms and complications of the disease.  I can't imagine the suffering of severe MS patients. I have relapsing-remitting MS which isn't anywhere near as severe as what this woman, and many others, endure.  Not only that, but my MS has been very manageable, with only minor discomfort.

In fact, I had great news from the doctor this week.  My MRI shows that my lesions have actually diminished and there are no new ones at all.  I've had no other symptoms or episodes of neurological incidents and the doctor was so pleased with my situation that he doesn't want to see me again for a whole year.  Let me tell you - we are all doing the happy dance and praising God for answered prayer.

Lydwina offered comfort in the name of Jesus to a great many people and I hope to do no less.   I really appreciate the way many of you have offered me encouragement and prayers.  I appreciate the love you've shown and the stories you've shared with me.  I realize that I'm a very blessed woman and that despite having the diagnosis of MS, God has met my every need.

So now - maybe I should take up ice skating.

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