Monday, June 3, 2013

Are You Looking For Summer Reads?

I just got this notification from Barbour Publishing and want to share it with the readers out there.  As you can see from the list there is a huge number of wonderful authors to pick from and each of the ebooks are only .99 cents.  Hope you get a chance to load up for some summer fun!

NEW!  We’ve created a new webpage that will announce all the price promotions running for the
month.  You can use this web address: to view and help promote all the specials.  We also encourage visitors to sign up for a monthly newsletter so they’ll receive the news first!
I hope you’ll join me in promoting all of these great titles!
Forever Yours
Peterson, Tracie
Clueless Cowboy
Connealy, Mary
A Season for Grace
Bateman, Tracy V.
The Oregon Escort
Davis, Susan Page
Promises, Promises
Miller, Amber
A Wealth Beyond Riches
McDonough, Vickie
Milk Money
Dowdy, Cecilia
A Whole in One
Ford, Aisha
Heart Appearances
Griffin, Pamela
Stars in Her Eyes
Vetsch, Erica
The Displaced Belle
Dooly, Paige Winship
Cords of  Love
Coleman, Lynn A.
Gerda's Lawman
Dooley, Lena Nelson
Bay Hideway
Loughner, Beth
The Prodigal Patriot
Franklin, Darlene
The Train Stops Here
Sattler, Gail
To Walk in Sunshine
Laity, Sally
Dark Side of the Sun
Druten, Rachel
Sweet Spring
Flinkman, Marilou
The Grand Hotel
Davis, Mary
Unlikely Match
Mayne, Debby
Happily Ever After
Nichols, Ann
Just One Touch
Fowler, Terry
The Thing About Beauty
Robinson, Donna
Autumn Rains
Johnson, Myra

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