Thursday, November 14, 2013

Here We Go Again!

My hubby and I are going to hit the road next week.  We get to have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with extraordinary Southern cook Kimberley Woodhouse and her family. Kim and Jeremy were very gracious to invite us to share the holiday, as well as their son and daughter's graduation.  Kayla and Joshua aren't twins, but they are graduating homeschool high school together.

And speaking of Kim and Kayla - I borrowed Kim from this mother-daughter writing team to co-write and book with Kim.  It comes out in December - just in time for Christmas! But we're hoping to have it in time for our November 30th booksigning.  More about that in a minute.

All Things Hidden is set in Alaska in 1935 and tells a story of the Matanuska Colony set up by FDR to help 200 Depression families to relocate for a new start in Alaska.  It's romance and intrigue, suspense and a dynamic historical setting. I'm so excited because this book is already receiving some really positive reviews.

Now for the booksigning information - if you're in Colorado Springs, I hope you'll join us!

Next we'll be off to see our grandkids and daughter in Kansas.  I'm so excited and we plan to have an early Christmas celebration.  My daughter Julie plans to cook a wonderful Christmas meal and we get to enjoy eating it.  Best of all we get to see our grandkids open presents.

Does this trio look like they're gonna be fun or what?

Poppy and Nana are resting up for seeing them.  We've both had some on-going issues with health, so we want to be at our best.

And we won't have to worry about what's happening at the house back home, because we have folks who'll be back at the house taking care of the animals so we don't have to kennel them.  Wahoo!

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