Thursday, September 28, 2017

Heart of the Frontier

The Heart of the Frontier series is out in full.  All three books  are available!

This best-selling series (thanks to my dear readers) has been well-received and I really appreciate the encouraging letters I've received.  The series touches on some difficult topics, most of which are all too familiar to our own time period.

Book one - Treasured Grace deals with the Whitman Mission massacre in 1847. The Mission has a National Park site just outside of present day Walla Walla, Washington and I encourage you to visit. The rangers there are so helpful and knowledgeable.

Book two - Beloved Hope deals with the trial of the Cayuse accused of masterminding the attack on the Whitman Mission and the aftermath.  It's set in Oregon City,  in 1850.

Book three - Cherished Mercy completes the series and is set mostly around the Rogue River in Oregon.  It deals with the on-going strife between the new white settlers and the native people.


March 2018 will see the debut of a brand new series set in 1905-1906 San Francisco. It will deal with three young women who meet on a train headed to San Francisco. Each are on a mission to find something.  Secrets will be revealed and dangers will lurk around every corner. And, of course, the stories will cover the 1906 earthquake and fire, as well as the political corruption issues that the city faced.

Here's the cover for book one in the Golden Gate Secrets series.

I just love the artwork for my covers. Paul Higdon is the art director at Bethany House Publishers/Baker Publishing Group.  They are amazing folks.

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