Monday, April 8, 2013

And We're Off - Day 1 & 2

So Sunday we heard that a snow storm was moving into the Bozeman, MT area and since I needed to be in Minnesota for the start of my Icecutter's Daughter Book Tour on Wednesday, I started feeling anxious.  Jim and I talked it over and decided to hit the road a day early.

We started out in beautiful weather and packed the car to the hilt.

As you can see, I was happy and ready to go. I love to drive and so Jim happily takes photos for me and navigates, while I handle the road.

We had perfect roads to Billings where we stopped for a little shopping.  I don't know about you, but I think it's rather interesting to have Catherine's Plus Size clothes shop next door to the Staggering Ox restaurant.  What exactly are they trying to say here? Hmmm.

We moved out again after I did my part to help Billings's economy and we headed for our first stop of the night in Miles City, MT about 2 1/2 hrs. away - without filling up with gas.  By the time I noticed that I hadn't filled the tank - we were halfway to Miles City and on empty. 

Well, we went immediately into prayer and solicited the advice of Lee - our GPS.  Lee told us that we were a good 15 miles from the nearest gas station and since it was Sunday evening, we couldn't even be sure that the small town of Hysham, MT would have an open station - but Praise the Lord!  They did.  We happily filled the tank and have continued to fill the tank at just about every stop.

After a very restful night's sleep in Miles City, we woke to this.  The snow storm caught up with us. Ah, springtime in Montana.

We decided as Montana folk that we could handle it and headed east towards North Dakota.  And it got worse.  The snow was bad enough, but then the wind picked up.

And it got worse

And worse

and we put in a call back home to the rest of the family for Urgent Prayer.

As we neared Bismarck we could see the storm letting up and because we weren't sure if the storm would slide south as predicted we decided to push on a bit farther and ended up here in Fargo, ND.  Now we're settled in for the night and tomorrow we'll head north toward the Canadian border toward Hallock, MN.  Yes, we're going even farther north - but the weather is supposed to be improved.  Pray that the weatherman is right.

Oh and next year I think I'll do like Bev Lewis and head to Alabama for book tour if I go again in April.  Hope you are having fun down there - Bev, Steve and Noelle.

God Bless!

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  1. Colorado is getting blasted tonight and we will then be sharing this storm with MN. Be careful up there. Not just from the weather... those folks are really sick of winter. (Most all of our family lives up that way.)


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