Friday, March 16, 2012

Matter of Heart

Did you ever have one of those situations where your actions or words were misjudged? You meant one thing, but someone else decided you must have meant another? It always comes down to a matter of heart.

Something happened in my life about a month ago. Some of the things I had said and done were called into question. Harsh words were spoken. My heart was misjudged. Painful betrayals took place and the sorrow of it all laid me quite low.

But as He always does, God met me in the midst of the conflict and ugliness, and I was reminded of some very precious things that He gave us in the Word.

1. This world will hate you - because it hated me.
2. People will misjudge you - guess what - they misjudged me.
3. The devil will blind people from the truth.
4. People will call evil, good and good, evil.
5. God will never leave you nor forsake you.
6. It's all a matter of heart and no one knows your heart...but God.

You can back each of those things with Scripture - in fact you could find dozens of Scriptures on each one. Throughout this time, however, God showed me over and over that this world...this very flawed not my home.

I'm just here to serve Him. I'm just a guest passing through. The day will come when I will pack up and go home, and none of the stupid, painful, miseries of this world will matter. The only things that will matter are the things I've done for Him. It's the same for all of us.

So if you're going through difficult times. If someone has betrayed your trust and let you down -- if someone has wounded you with slanderous words or misjudgments--if you feel all alone and forgotten, just remember...God sees and hears. He knows your heart and you aren't alone. Jesus, too, was abandoned by friends and loved ones. He was ridiculed for trying to show people love and hope. Jesus was condemned by His religious leaders and scorned by people who accused Him of all manner of evil.

But Jesus calls us to remember, "In this world we will have trouble, but take heart...I have overcome the world."

Walk in victory. Live in His love. Minister truth boldly.


  1. A perfect reminder to everyone that is struggling with something in their lives. Relationships here on earth can be so complicated!

  2. Beautiful words and a wonderful truth, Tracie.


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