Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Fling

So it's spring in Montana. You know how you can tell? The snow feels warmer.
This week we got 9-12 inches of the great white stuff after a winter with very little water of any kind.

The kids in the neighborhood got out ice skates and sleds and many a snowman was built. Those of us who were sane - stayed indoors and drank hot chocolate and read a few good books.

The cats went in and out - trying a different door of the house from time to time in the hopes that maybe the snow was limited to one side of the house. Here's Calvin J. Whiskers outside looking in at Safari basking in the sun.

And though the deer were annoyed, they didn't let it stop them from looking for good grazing ground.

I managed to read The Vow which I thought was very inspiring, and to finish Autism's Hidden Blessings. I can recommend both books!

Today the high is supposed to reach the upper 50's and the snow is gone. My mother's purple crocuses are out and there are a bevy of red breasted robins flitting around our leafless aspen trees. And yes, the gophers are out.

Oh and I got a nifty note from Bethany House that a few of my back list books are in the process of or have become Kindle books. Here's that list for you.

Framed – active on Kindle
Controlling Interests – active on Kindle
A Slender Thread – active on Kindle
Silent Star – active on Kindle
Entangled – should be active any day now
Long-Awaited Child - in process
Tidings of Peace – in process

It's so much fun to see that those old books will get new life through digital technology. Barbour Publishing is also preparing to put my old Heartsongs on Kindle as well, so those of you who have asked me in the past where copies of those books can be obtained will soon be able to get them in digital form.

So now I need to get back to researching granite and Minnesota. I think I'll sit outside and read a bit - upper 50's is a heatwave and it might be my only chance before the next snow comes in.

God Bless You!

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